Tuesday, 26 May 2009


Up, Down.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

next strategy was to keep one in the pack and consider how right and beautiful it looked sitting there in the pack and just leave it there in the pack

worked till 1:30 pm ...

what kicks it is the overwhelming feeling of unworthiness, of being unloved, little flakes of attention can keep it on the rails but ... and there is a care package coming tomorrow too maybe, but the prospect was not quite enough given just a few real or imagined rejections, slights ... whatever ...

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

found on the beachbelezoca

dedo de pé enroscado
cicatriz no joelho
até umbigo cabeludo
verruga no mamilo
cheiro de pescoço
sorriso e cabelos loucos
que adoro, sim
tem mais
cor de cobre cor de ouro
cabelos crespos na margem da testa
que adoro, sim


It's unbelievable,
It's strange but true.
It's inconceivable
It could happen to you.
You go north and you go south
Just like bait in a fish's mouth.
Must be livin' in the shadow
Of some kind of evil star.
It's unbelievable
It would get this far.

It's undeniable
What they'd have you to think,
It's indescribable,
It can drive you to drink.
They said it was the land
Of milk and honey,
Now they say it's the land of money.
Who ever thought
They'd ever make that stick.
It's unbelievable
You could get this rich this quick.

Every head is so dignified,
Every mood is so sanctified,
Every urge is so satisfied
As long as you're with me.
All the silver, all the gold,
All the sweethearts you can hold
And don't come back with stories untold,
Or hanging on a tree.

It's unbelievable
Like a lead balloon,
It's so impossible
To even learn the tune.
Kill that beast, feed that swine,
Scale that wall and smoke that vine,
Feed that horse and saddle up the drum.
It's unbelievable,
The day would finally come.

Once there was a man
Who had no eyes,
Every lady in the land
Told him lies,
He stood beneath the silver skies
And his heart began to bleed.
Every brain is civilized,
Every nerve is analyzed,
Everything is criticized
When you are in need.

It's unbelievable,
It's fancy-free,
So interchangeable,
So delightful to see.
Turn your back, wash your hands,
There's always someone who understands.
It don't matter no more
What you got to say.
It's unbelievable
It'd go down this way.

Pearls before Swine, HugsO que esta fazendo Porco?
Eu me tornei especialista em abraços. Com esse aparelho, nos determinamos a quantidade de abraços no seu tanque de abraços. Se está baixo, nos enchemos você, porque conta baixa pode induzir infelicidade.
Toca em mim e eu te empurro pela escada.

Malvados, André Dahmer, Prefiro MorteI can change your death sentence into perpetual imprisonment, it will be enough if you just participate in tomorrow's group hug.
Happiness has become a duty, a burden. I prefer death.
He prefers death, director.
Are you crying Jair? Did you forget to take your medication?

ahhh, here we go ...

Yoni Yum Diego SamperMalvados, André Dahmer, 2035, Tetas e Amor
Hello Base, I think I found what you all wanted so much.
Titties and problems, guys.
I only fuck for love.

Malvados, André Dahmer, Viagem ao centro da almaVoyage to the centre of the soul
You will only be able to take one of these objects with you.
The panties are used?
Then I'll stick with the bottle.
Men, they're all the same ...

Diego Samper, André Dahmer Malvados.

did i say,
"pack a day?"


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