Friday, 8 May 2009

day eleven, obrigado Senhor.

Up, Down.

reading the news today ... and wondering, now that the world has grown so small and all, what will happen when a REAL problem comes along? but first, a bit of scripture:

Psalm 118, verse 24: This is the day which the Lord hath made; we will rejoice and be glad in it.  /  Salmos 118, versículo 24: Este é o dia que o Senhor fez; regozijemo-nos e alegremo-nos nele.

when i think of waking, thankful for the day that beckons, i think of this verse, but (and let it be a lesson, maybe :-) the whole of Psalm 118 is not quite so, let's say, consistent in tone, and i reject utterly much of it, most of it even

Human beings are concerned beings, and it seems to me that there are two kinds of concern: primary and secondary. Primary concerns are such things as food, sex, property, and freedom of movement: concerns that we share with animals on a physical level. Secondary concerns include our political, religious, and other ideological loyalties. All through history ideological concerns have taken precedence over primary ones. We want to live and love, but we go to war; we want freedom, but depend on the exploiting of other peoples, of the natural environment, even of ourselves. In the twentieth century, with a pollution that threatens the supply of air to breathe and water to drink, it is obvious that we cannot afford the supremacy of ideological concerns any more. The need to eat, love, own property, and move about freely must come first, and such needs require peace, good will, and a caring and responsible attitude to nature. A continuing of ideological conflict, a reckless exploiting of the environment, a persistence in believing, with Mao Tse-Tung, that power comes out of the barrel of a gun, would mean, quite simply, that the human race cannot be long for this world.
        Northrop Frye, The Double Vision, Chapter One.

that's it really, i was thinking of patching in the news items: the silliness of the WHO and the Swine Flu 'aporkalypse';

the latest perfidy from the RCMP, by wazzizname, Wayne Rideout!, the capital 'S' fucking Superintendent, capital 'L' fucking Liar!;
RCMP Wayne RideoutRCMP Wayne RideoutRCMP Wayne RideoutRCMP Wayne RideoutRCMP Wayne RideoutRCMP Wayne Rideout
In his own words: "I prefer the term 'incorrect information' I think 'mis-information' has a tendency to suggest that it was an intentional effort at mis-information. It was not."

"The truth is the goal in all of this."


whatever ... even wondering about the Canadian success story, Eco Waste Solutions, wondering how much dioxin comes out the top? wondering if they bother to recover the heat? wondering about out-of-sight-out-of-mind;   some kid from Northern High School who wants to go live in outer space, who can blame him?;   a few more thoughts about rich people subsidizing hospitals;   or Adrian Blaak, a carpenter from Rocky Mountain House - if i could find a picture i would put him on my heroes list;

but i am just going to let it all go for now ... maybe post some boobage later on (really thinking of nothing but Abishag :-)

and it wouldn't hurt to listen to this again either One Love at Bob Marley, and at YouTube, here are the Zulu lyrics (thanks to Bhekani Memela):

thando olu-lodwa
masi-be-sonke, masi-be-sonke
ah masi-hlan-gan-eni-sonke,
masi-hlan-gan-eni-sonke sibe-mun-ye.

(complete lyrics))

just outside my window the trees are bursting furiously into bloom, blooms first then leaves, and i wonder, thinking about Easter, if maybe it is all no more than that? a bursting, a throb, a gysm, a smile, Michael K with his spoon on a string, my guess is he would be smiling

from Marcus Gee: "The cruel irony of China's one-child policy ... The Chinese extended family, with its network of brothers-in-law and sisters-in-law, uncles and aunties, brothers and sisters ranked by age, cousins always underfoot, is on its way to extinction. An institution that was a societal bedrock for millennia has been shattered."

from Timothy Garton Ash: "From the ashes, a new capitalism. Individuals must find a new balance in their double lives as producers and consumers."

oh, and, oh yeah ... Chevron/Texaco at work, and Chevron/Toxico at play.


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