Wednesday, 22 April 2009

Braidwood Inquiry - RCMP continue in Denial Mode.

Up, Down, In This Thread.


Essential Links: Braidwood Inquiry official site, CBC continuing coverage - A Deadly Landing.

Wally Oppal is reconsidering charges, or, let's say, COVERING HIS OWN FAT ASS; while Tim Shields & Pierre Lemaitre & Brad Fawcett & Nycki Basra & Paul Hoivik & Gregg Gillis & Peter Thiessen & Jennifer Pound & John Ward & Stan Lowe continue dissembling, or, let's say, LYING; and William Elliott continues his blustering braggadocio bluff and weasel waffle, or, let's say, LIES.

Some honourable retired Mounties start coming out of the woodwork (we knew there had to be at least two of them eh?): Tunney Moriarity & Al Clark (former boss of Monty Robinson, and clearly a compassionate and articulate individual): "They got caught in their own lie." "They should be charged with a charge of Criminal Negligence Causing Death." "I was embarrassed to call myself a member."

Next up to bat - Dale Carr - who will continue dissembling, or, let's say, LYING.

Lying Rat Bastards!

'Lying Rat Bitches' I suppose you would have to say as well. A-and if any of these would like to take it up with me that calling them liars is unjustified, that I am impugning their characters without basis - I will simply say that each of them had the opportunity to speak out, to tell the truth, and did not. They are rogues and liars and cowards. They are without honour. They are a laughing stock. They brought shame to themselves and to the RCMP and to this country and to every Canadian.

Wally Oppal, by the way, is fighting an election battle at the moment. You could do worse than support his opponent, Vicki Huntington, Independent Candidate for MLA, Delta South.

They are beginning to cry crocodile tears. Tim Shields steps a teeny-tiny baby step towards the line; William Elliott begins to signal, oh so subtly, that he is not immune to the heat being generated under his fat ass.

But it doesn't matter. It is waaay late. What they tell us as they begin to backtrack in the face of the wind (and in the face of an election for Wally Oppal of course), is that they are indeed liars and cowards, and cynical ones.

A reasonable outcome in the first instance would have been to charge the four who did the deed. But that was years ago. Now the only acceptable outcome is to fire the goons, charge the goons and lock them up while they wait for trial, and for the various proven liars to resign - including Elliott, Ward, the IHIT team, Lemaitre, Carr, the whole shitty shebang.

Rogues Gallery:
Attorney General, Wally OppalAttorney General, Wally OppalAttorney General, Wally OppalRCMP, Tim ShieldsRCMP, Tim ShieldsRCMP, Pierre LemaitreRCMP, Pierre LemaitreVancouver Police, Brad FawcettRCMP, Nycki BasraRCMP, Gregg GillisRCMP, Peter ThiessenRCMP, Peter ThiessenRCMP, Jennifer PoundRCMP, John WardRCMP, John WardRCMP, John WardCriminal Justice Branch, Stan LoweCriminal Justice Branch, Stan LoweCriminal Justice Branch, Stan LoweRCMP, Dale CarrRCMP, Dale CarrRCMP, Dale CarrRCMP, William ElliottRCMP, William Elliott

Fire the whole shitty shebang!

Interesting footnote - the CBC link to Insiders Perspective went dead sometime yesterday (?) I thought it might be something on my machine but colleagues encountered the same problem. This was Terry Milewski talking to the two retired Mounties, Tunney Moriarity and Al Clark, quoted above. In that sense the CBC is not so unlike the RCMP, there is no way (that I could find) to email directly to Terry Milewski to see what was what, nor to the CBC webmaster.

Aha! The link is back! So the way to contact them is to leave a comment :-)


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