Friday, 3 April 2009

Braidwood Inquiry - Nothing left but expletives.

Up, Down, In This Thread.

Iwona Kosowska“You're trying to make a bad person out of him, which means you can kill a bad person but you cannot kill a good person.”
        Iwona Kosowska, witness.

Two weeks hiatus for march Break and now the Braidwood Inquiry is taking another week off. Easter I guess. Life is good and life is easy among the legal elites.

I guessed at lawyer's rates the other day - came up with a grand a day - WRONG! Try $750 an HOUR; 8 hours of that is 6 GRAND PER DAY. They are making a killing so to speak.

I watched a few hours of the 'proceedings' on Tuesday, and another few on Thursday. I wish I had seen Iwona Kosowska's exchange with Ravi Hira but I didn't know there was a CBC web-cam in play at the time - and the transcripts are not available yet.

The pussy footing servile politeness in the tone and content of remarks by David Butcher and Ravi Hira, two of the Mountie lawyers, particularly towards Thomas Braidwood, and Braidwood's tone in response indicates that he has whacked their little legal pee-pees over the attempted character assassination of Robert Dziekanski. No love lost between them I would say. Good for Braidwood.

But Braidwood himself looked unkempt, and lost his thread at least once. It looks as if the strain is taking its toll on an old retired guy.

Everyone except the RCMP is demanding that the decision not to charge these men be revisted. Wally Oppal has opined that this may be possible once he has Braidwood's report in his hands. But when will that be?

Say, another few weeks of testimony; a month minimum to cook up the report - June July time. By then the Canadian attention span may have run its course.

It all leads me to expect a whitewash in the end.

Braidwood Inquiry“I’m a citizen that cares about innocent Polish people. These cops ain’t gonna see any Fucking time for this.

There’s no justice in this country. These cops aren’t going to see any Fucking time. Fucking snakes! Fucking losers!”

        Unidentified onlooker 'acting out'. (I second.)

Robert Dziekanski

“Are you out of your mind?!”
        Robert Dziekanski, April 15 1967 - October 14 2007, last words.

Good question Robert.


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