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why nobody came ... XXVI

Up, Down.

Yoni YumI have mentioned 350 here at least twice already ... in the first blush of enthusiasm and at the onset of ennui, now it seems I have progressed to full-blown angst :-)    for the record, I know I am abusing 'ennui' & 'angst' ... but ... Frankly, my dear, I don't give a damn    (anymore ... tonight ... whatever)

there were signs ... there were hints that all was not as it was supposed to seem to be ... 350 could not keep their database of actions clean and it quickly got full of flotsam and jetsam which stayed there - lack of attention? or lack of manpower? I can't say, I signed up for e-mail alerts and when they began to arrive I noted that they came from a person instead of an organization, Bill McKibben?, I guess I was supposed to know who he is, and there was the tone of these epistles which became more-and-more focussed on the degree to which the 350 notion had caught on in the media

Ambiente-sebut ok

so I picked my way through the database and found the Toronto event and eventually received an e-mail and figgured out that the Toronto Climate Campaign (© 2008 — All rights reserved) was where it's at, and a meeting was advertised for interested supporters hopefully with cash ... so I went along to the meeting and ... no one was there! ... obviously the meeting was somewhere else or had already taken place - after a week of miserable climate denials in the Globe (by Margaret Wente & Rex Murphy) I even wondered if the whole plan had simply been abandoned

but at around 1 this afternoon I hopefully boarded the streetcar towards Queen's Park

to digress for a moment - as we passed Parliament&Queen a young black woman came out of the convenience store, she was not beautiful and did not look either very clean or very smart, but she was obviously in distress, from the way she was scratching at her wrists and neck I thought it might be drugs, and I did not step out of the car and give her a 50, though if that was God speaking to me at the time, then that was what he was telling me to do - and then at Jarvis&Queen there was a skinny little old black woman with one of those bubble blowing kits you get for kids, and she was looking around with a smile that was aimed at no one in particular and blowing bubbles and watching them disappear, and I did not step out of the car there either - when I finally face Saint Peter at the Pearly Gates I know these things will be on my account and will have to be explained

coming out of the subway at Queen's Park I could see that, indeed, there was something goin' on up there, ran the gauntlet of everyone and their dog and even the official Socialists and someone representing Olivia Chow handing out literature, a hundred or so people gathered with a cold wind blowing and it began to rain and a woman with long white hair was getting it together on a little stage, a beautiful young woman asked me if I would carry a 350 placard - how could I refuse? - and things got underway

the mistress of ceremonies explaining that the trade unions and the environmentalists have buried the hatchet - who knew they were at war?; the Raging Grannies (including one black granny) singing a few excellent ditties; a woman ranting emotionally, her voice breaking, about the new-and-expanded GO trains being diesel instead of electric; a young woman with a sweet but quickly tired voice singing Joni Mitchell's Big Yellow Taxi (skipping the verse about the big yellow taxi); an activist/journalist from Bangladesh trying to make some intellectual distinction between the 'north' and the 'south'; another young woman dissing 'W' and war and stuff - I guess she didn't hear yet that Barack Obama has been elected down there - and then singing/shouting off key like some drunken irish; and finally a young woman from Greenpeace revelling in civil disobedience and 'getting arrested' (and surprisingly reminiscing about some Greenpeace event in Seattle ten years ago - just like some old fart telling stories about his youth that no one wants to hear :-) and reiterating the end of hostilities between labour and the environment - I guess she must have been referring to the blue-collar/red-neck vs environmentalist/hippie 'schism' do you think? like at the end of Easy Rider?

and that was it - oh, I forgot to mention two delightful young women, with lip rings and dressed as starving polar bears, in fact, the white fuzzy mini-skirts left me unsure what they were and I had to ask them and what the connection was but they laughed when I asked, handing out flyers about Nuclear Energy - they were the high point of the event for me, them and the Raging Grannies

riding back home on the streetcar I wondered if it was that the event was so clearly dominated by women? (who don't know how to organize things :-) or that background radiation from Pickering/Darlington is having an even larger effect on IQ than the research indicates?

I forgot to take my camera so when I got home I looked for pictures on the Internet, and found a clue - the site had pictures but no way to search for a specific event ... hummm ... a failure to imagine what people would want?

I didn't mention that I spoke to a gent from Trinity St. Paul's United Church, I thought I might go there for worship tomorrow ... but when I looked at their website I discovered that this is the crowd, Frances Combs & Ralph Wushke, who can't seem to get their notions around Jews sorted out ... oh well

everybody wants to call up Ghandi and Martin Luther King but they haven't done their homework and the exhortation falls flat, so why don't they do their homework? well, I think "It is all about ME!"

a few weeks ago I went out on a Sunday morning to see what I could see about Gretta Vosper up at West Hill United Church (© 2009 - some rights reserved), and I was lucky, she was there ... having been in soooo many United Churches over the years and having been so rarely even spoken to nevermind 'received' I have become jaded I guess, that I continue to trudge hopefully to their doors says something maybe ... in any event, as I was sitting there listening to them I had a vision - my vision was Gretta Vosper lifting her shirt to show us her tits, I know that no one reading this, if anyone reads it anyway which I doubt, will believe me when I say that I mean no disrespect, that was simply the vision I had, that was what came to me, anyone who does read this may also note my 'boobage' rubrick, dancing on the polka dots ... "I'm depraved on account'a I'm deprived?" ... whatever

I have read her book, With Or Without God - Why the way we live is more important than what we believe, but I have also read Charles Taylor's A Secular Age, and Northrop Frye's Creation and Recreation and whatever the male equivalent of peitos a fora is, I have not had a corresponding vision of either Taylor or Frye doing it

so, Why Nobody Came? ... in short, It's All About Me simply doesn't wash, there are reasons: failure and even inability to imagine the other; the limitations of solipsism; the little-appreciated changes in personal identity in a secular age (understood but not 'appreciated,' not 'grokked in their fullness') ... oh, there's probably more and more and more and more but that's the nut I think

I was in a pub last week having pints with an old friend and when I asked about climate change he started in on the middle-ground denial tape so I just changed the subject ... I am tired, I guess this is what happens, your prostate swells up cancer in it or not and you can't piss anymore and you can't fuck anymore and you can't see clearly anymore even with the latest surgery and your glasses on ...

there are other questions that could be answered - Why did so few turn out in Toronto (a city of 3 million) as compared with, say, Rio Grande Brasil (a city of 200,000)?

you get what you deserve, k-k-Canada gets Stephen Harper and America gets Barack Obama ... go find some boobage to post ...

but first I will just return to Bill McKibben for a sec & focussing on media attention: I saw this with The Age of Stupid, the hype was so effective, I was anticipating, I was full of expectation, but the movie was a bust, not very well done, incomplete, and I saw this with The Yes Men, good gigs, imaginative & well executed, but 'one eye on the mirror as you watch yourself go by' and the same lack of attention - the notion that once you have shown your titties it's all over, except it's not over, that's just the beginning, you have got their attention and now it is time to pull out the rabbit (from the hat that is), and if there is no coherent vision revealed then it's fade to black ...

Trout Fishing in America James (Richard?) Brautigan ... "and no birds sang," is that the line? and the other one, Watermelon Sugar when the guy says, "no, that's not I death, this is I Death," and proceeds to cut himself up with a razor ...

Sarah Silverman Yoni YumSarah Silverman Black FaceBob Dylan, Things Have Changed: 2000 (Wonder Boys), 2000 (Tell Tale Signs), Live In Sweden 2009.

I think that any love is good lovin' so I took what I could get, yes, I took what I could get and then, she looked at me with her big brown eyes, and said ...

Bachman Turner Overdrive - You Ain't Seen Nothing Yet: 1974, 1975.

... here's somethin' you never will forg-e-et ...

Tatiane de Moraes Ramos has figured here before, back in 2006: Sept. 23 Sept. 20, & Sept. 17, and I do notice a certain amount of traffic entering at those pages, so curiosity prevailed and I Googled her again and discovered that life goes on, she must be 24 by now I guess, got her tattoo finished - good idea! that'll open some doors, no evidence of plastic thank goodness, and she is wearing a wedding ring whatever that means (we hope for the best eh?), and I found a story:
Tatiane de Moraes RamosTatiane de Moraes RamosTatiane de Moraes RamosTatiane de Moraes RamosTatiane de Moraes RamosTatiane de Moraes RamosTatiane de Moraes RamosTatiane de Moraes Ramos

take a look at the agribusiness article below, it is a perfect bullshit storm, cleverly plays on all the notes like a magician, nothing too overt - but compelling, even conjuring on the image of Norman Borlaug, Nobel hero ... compelling that is, unless you do a captcha on the fnords, I got derailed a while back reading about all the Indian farmers drinking pesticide, I was imagining their small children waking up and finding their father laying in the field, that became part of Norman Borlaug's legacy for me, despite that he was a good man, that he was striving for the commonwealth, that he 'saved billions' (of people that is) with his Green Revolution - Phase 1

Phase 2 is less ambiguous eh?

but nevermind phases ... the planet can't support all these people ("There is no Planet B" on a placard I saw today - and I thought it was a gooder), millions upon millions are going to die, maybe billions, the easy choice would be to 'replace' the ones who are going to die with ones who were never born, but Malthusian arithmetic is driven by fundamental forces (fundamental in both senses) one of which is that as soon as this Homo sapiens fellow has got a bit of food and security he builds a house and fills it with kids (I did exactly the same), so the easy choice is not going to happen

a young woman has an abortion and wants expiation, that is, she does not want to want expiation but if she is more-or-less conscious she ends up wanting it, and maybe she lives through it fully, maybe later on sometime she gains some understanding and compassion both for herself and for others, my point is that it is a tough choice, very very very tough, and in my life I have held hands with one or two who have done it so I know whereof I speak, then too, maybe she does not live through it fully, grows bitter and exploited ... this to describe a moral quandary by the way, not to suggest birth-control by abortion

spending our way out of the depression? publicly supporting (with essentially extorted funds) the corporations that are digging up the Tar Sands? that are creating the Genetically Modified food nightmare? and to the naysayers comes the argument, "Well, unless we support them, millions will die!" and the argument works because another fundamental force is at work - avoidance of tough decisions, especially within committees and bureaucracies

Abra as pernas aí, mulher, que eu vou sentar a jibóia na sua ximbica! Fonte: Dicionário inFormal.

(I wish ...)

Esteja bem/Be well.

1. Standoff over fertilizer prices imperils world food supply, Jessica Leeder, Oct. 24 2009.
2. Tatiane de Moraes, Pulp Magazine, Jan 2007 (?).

Standoff over fertilizer prices imperils world food supply, Jessica Leeder, Oct. 24 2009.

World's largest sellers seeing an unprecedented crumpling of profit as farmers wean crops

Amidst the heaves of soil and rows of crops that fill farm fields around the globe, a game of cat and mouse is playing out.

The best way to measure the score is via the stock market, which has been recording an unprecedented crumpling of profit among the world's largest sellers of farm fertilizers – the result of a diet cash-strapped farmers have imposed on their crops.

Fears over the impact this battle could have on an already hungry planet deepened this week when PotashCorp, the Saskatchewan-based company that is the world's largest supplier of potash, an expensive but essential crop nutrient, reported an 80-per-cent profit plunge. Next, the Calgary-based fertilizer company Agrium warned that its own third-quarter earnings could be even worse, down 90 to 95 per cent from last year.

For farmers, the numbers are powerful signs that their decision to wean crops onto lower amounts of fertilizer until the industry drops its prices, which skyrocketed to record highs last year, is registering impact. The question is how long they – and by extension, the global food supply – can avoid suffering side effects, such as reduced yields.

“Growers are doing what they need to do to stay above water, and that is they're collectively trying to influence the market with their buying behaviour,” said Dave MacKay, president of the Canadian Association of Agri-Retailers, which represents about 1,000 Canadian fertilizer dealers. “This is the reality of a commodity market. It's ruthless,” he said, adding: “They can only play this game so far before it will impact their bottom line.”

He noted that farmers scored a recent success in driving down the prices of nitrogen and phosphate, two of three key fertilizer ingredients, by strictly limiting use for a year. Whether they can do the same with potash, which nourishes soil with potassium and chloride and is produced by a small number of agri-industry giants, will hinge not only on the strength of their resolve, but on the fertility of their soil.

“Think of a nutrient budget like a financial budget,” said Don Flaten, a soil science expert at the University of Manitoba. “If you've got a relatively large savings account and you're taking a little bit more out than you're putting back in, you can get away with that in the short term,” he said. “But if you continuously remove more than you replace, eventually you run out.”

Fear that will happen is exactly what companies like PotashCorp are banking on.

“Food production is too important to put at risk,” the company's CEO, William Doyle, told analysts this week. “Farmers know this and they will start feeding their soil again. The question is not if it will happen, but when the rebound will begin.”

Mr. Doyle has been warning for months that the under-application of chemical fertilizer all over the world will have dire consequences for the world's food crisis, which he argues has been overshadowed by the global economic implosion. His company's research has measured decreased yields in Brazil, Argentina and China, which is the world's largest importer of potash.

Soil experts argue that a year's worth of fertilizer reduction is unlikely to have a dramatic impact on global yields, and by extension, hunger.

However, some argue farmers don't have a lot of wiggle room. Global food insecurity is already hovering at dangerous levels. A recent United Nations report put the number of the world's hungry at 1.02 billion – the highest number recorded in four decades, since the UN began collecting statistics.

In addition, the UN's Food and Agriculture Organization is forecasting global population growth from its current 6.8 billion to more than nine billion by 2050, which will necessitate a doubling of food production in developing countries.

While there are alternatives to chemical fertilizers those countries can turn to, none are as efficient. Mr. Doyle is banking on the fact that farmers in the developing nations that have become lucrative markets for his company will need to come back to potash if they're going to feed all those people on a limited supply of land.

“The future value of our product is clear,” he told analysts, imploring them to be patient.

Were he alive, at least one lauded expert would undoubtedly back Mr. Doyle up.

In an interview with The New York Times last year, Norman Borlaug, a now-deceased American scientist who was awarded a Nobel Peace Prize in 1970 for his role in spreading intensive agricultural practices to poor countries, said there is only one remedy to feeding 6.6 billion people, the global population at the time.

“Without chemical fertilizer, forget it,” he said. “The game is over.”

Tatiane de Moraes, Pulp Magazine, Jan 2007 (?).

A Profoundly Pulchritudinous Paulistanos Woman By Andrew Rudder for Pulp Magazine

I searched throughout the vast highlands of the largest and most populous city Sao Palo in the Southern Hemisphere of the ethnically diverse country of Brazil,
I couldn’t fine another profoundly pulchritudinous Paulistanos like Tatiane de Moraes whose aesthetic appeal is so pristine and potent, and unequivocally fits the bill,
For upon catching a glimpse of her poignant pulchritude the perceptual indices such as the swing of the pendulum and the movement of the clock’s hands become peripheral,
For once you become enthralled by her enticing exquisite elegance and enter into the ravishing realm of her alluring aesthetic domain . . . the cup of your aesthetic pleasure she will surely fill,
And like the consciousness-altering effects of Ecstasy your conception of time will be so altered that time will literally stand still,
And looking at her prepossessing pictures that capture the freedom of her artistic expressions elicits such a fervent thrill,
As the spirit of her prepossessing pictures personify the self-consciousness of her freewill,

They say that the eyes indicate the antiquity of the human soul,
Look into the blissful brown beautiful bewitching eyes of the tantalizing, titillating Tatiane and you’ll see a reflection of her poignant passions and goals,
You’ll see the tour de force behind a ghetto story that transformed tears of sorrow bound by the clenches of poverty,
Toward the self-actualization of her chosen path to the higher echelons of the modeling world that now evokes tears of jubilation and victory,
Look at the prepossessing pictures that comprise her strikingly beautiful portfolio,
And you’ll see all the facets of the boundless beauty of the ethnically diverse and culturally rich mosaic of the city of Sao Paulo,
All of its stunning splendor, arresting allure & awesome adventure, gorgeous grandeur, magnificent mystique and pulsating passion grouped together to produce a striking tableau,
All manifested in thousands upon thousands of eclectic poetic artistic prepossessing pictures accentuated by a statuesque physique more pristine than the Venus de Milo,

As Tatiane de Moraes continues to live out her dreams by bringing them to fruition within what has been a truly joyous journey,
That enables her to bare the fruits of her labour as she travels extensively from European country to country,
She will always live for her son first and strive for a better life to help her family.

From Tears of Dismay to Tears of Jubilation and Triumphs
By Andrew Rudder for Pulp Magazine

You can search throughout the southeastern region of Brazil within the ethnically diverse global city of Sao Paulo, and I promise that you will not find another wondrous winsome woman like the inimitable Tatiane de Moraes, who has worked extremely hard all of her life to overcome life’s many struggles and attain a better life for herself and her family. She was born and raised in the most populous city of the Southern Hemisphere within a poverty stricken neighborhood with her mother and two brothers, “We lived in the Favellas of Sao Paulo . . . when it was raining I was woken up and had to go out of my little house because of the water . . . some days we needed to look for food in the streets; it was a very hard life when I was a young girl.” Even though at an early age Tatiane was not wealthy with a lot of materialistic things that many of us take for granted, she was enriched with values pertaining to a love for and an appreciation of family, the essence of hard work and an honest days living, and a compassionate respect for others.

Living in Sao Paulo and seeing the conditions in which her and her family had lived in and the many seemingly insurmountable obstacles that they had to overcome on a daily basis, planted a seed of burning desire within her heart to move on out of the poor neighborhood, strive for a better life elsewhere and help the ones she loves dearly, “My father died when I was 14 and at that moment I knew that I did not want this life in poverty and walking everyday in the streets together with my mother trying to sell hand towels . . . I met my boyfriend when I was 15 and started to travel with him. For me it was another life as I have never been outside of Sao Paulo and now I was traveling together with him in the rest of South America . . . we stayed in Argentina, Paraguay, Uruguay, Venezuela and Columbia after one year . . .he needed to go back to Europe and when I was 17 I came over to Holland.”

Once this arresting angel arrived in Europe she began to pursue a professional career as a model, and began to earn money while having the opportunity to creatively collaborate with a lot of artistic minded photographers as she moved from one European country to the next, “ It was not easy when I took my clothes off for the first time in front of a camera . . . we lived in different countries within Europe for two years in Holland, Belgium, Germany, France and finally Spain . . . I think it was because I wanted to study, and to see the rest of the world.”
Tatiane attributes her modeling success in Europe to her tireless work ethic and her distinct look, as a young pulchritudinous Brazilian lady with dark skin is not easy to find. So what is next for this awe-inspiring beautiful young lady whose blossoming modeling career is on the rise with no end in sight, “Now I live in Spain and the most of my time is very occupied with my son who is one year old now. I would like to finish my studies and later when my son is older work as a social worker for women who are in need of help.”
If you would like to send Tatiane a gift or donation for her Street Children Project in Sao Paulo, then please feel free to contact Tatiane at any time at .


Andrew: It’s with great pleasure that I introduce to you a strikingly beautiful professional model original from Sao Paulo Brazil and now residing in Spain named Tatiane de Moraes, who has taken the time out of her busy schedule to do this interview with yours truly. On behalf of the Pulp Magazine family whom work extremely hard to bring our loyal readers the very best in informative and entertaining content, I’m very delighted to have you Tatiane and I’m very excited to interview you! I hope that this interview will be the first of many with us and other magazines during your young and truly promising modeling career. So without further adieu let us get this interview started!

Andrew: Why don’t we start with you first telling us a bit more about yourself: like how and why you got into modeling, and what is it about it that captivates your mind and stimulates your creative imagination.

Tatiane: I started modeling when I was extremely young. I was 16 when I did my first shoot in Buenos Aires for a very small agency it was a bikini shoot and they even did not pay me i never got any photo it was a very bad experience.

Andrew: Did you always know that you wanted to pursue a professional career in modeling from the time you were a little girl?

Tatiane: No not at all. It was my boyfriend, he told me that I needed to do something with my eyes and my face, do not forget I come from a very poor family so I did not have any high school or similar education so he told me to go for modeling and with the money to go back to school.

Andrew: Being convinced to pursue a career in modeling is one thing, but actually believing that you possess the requisite talent, focus and drive to succeed in a very tough, unforgiving business is quite another. When did you actually believe that you possessed the requisite intangible qualities and characteristics to make it in the entertainment industry as a model?

Tatiane: My shoots in South America did not give much success because you have many Tatianes walking on the streets there and also it is not so professional like as Europe. I started really to model when I arrived in Europe and with the help from a photographer who related me with many other people.

Andrew: What experience do you value more and attain more personal satisfaction from as a model: the creative process behind an intimate collaboration with a talented photographer, make-up artist and/or designer OR seeing the reaction from your family, friends and fans as they bare witness to the finished product?

Tatiane: I never wanted to work with agencies because in my opinion the model does not have anything to say with them, and she can not say no, so I worked only freelance and never took any offer from a modeling agency. I found always my shoots by myself, and with the help from my boyfriend and other photographers.

My family in Brasil did not know that I was doing nude modeling until the day they saw it on the internet but the reaction was that it is my life and that they are happy with it.

Andrew: Who are some of the role models that you greatly admire?

Tatiane: You mean other models? It was for me never possible to do the catwalk because then I will be with an agency and manager but also I am not a girl for showing clothes. I have a great admiration for other models who are working very hard for the big magazines. I am sure that I cannot do that.

When I do a shoot then I am the boss not the photographer. I make the decision of what is possible and what is not, that is what I like because I am free.

Andrew: How has your experiences growing up in Sao Paulo Brazil changed the way you perceive the world today as a young woman with a young child?

Tatiane: When I went out from Brasil i was very very young, and believe it or not but I had no idea that the world is so big and very hard. I see other women from Latin America in very, very bad situations here in Europe. some of them are exploited by others and have no job etc. I was lucky that i was successful with my little job to do shoots and to have a situation, because I see that many immigrants have a very hard life. I think that I was very lucky that I was successful, I still need to fight every day because I have my little son that I need to take care.

Andrew: What advice would you give other young ladies from South America who are seriously considering pursuing a professional modeling career in Europe about the nature of the modeling industry?

Tatiane: I would say to a young girl who would like to go to Europe to take very good care and to find asap a photographer that she can have confidence in at 100 percent, and never do shoots with private photographers etc., because that is asking for problems.

Also one of the first professional photographers that I worked with told me that I was the one that was making the shoots and he was using the camera, but I was the boss and he was working for me.
And in one way it is the true. You need to be very sure about yourself and you need to be strong because if I will write a book from what I have seen in the beginning when I was working with private photographers I will be rich. It is unbelievable what you see and the most difficult country is France because they want only to sleep with you.

Andrew: You have a beautiful statuesque physique, so I’m curious to know what does your diet and exercise regimen consist of?

Tatiane: No diet. Nothing. I eat more than my friends.

Andrew: Do you place any limitations on yourself in terms of what you will and will not do in this industry to succeed?

Tatiane: I will never do porno shoots or toys pink etc. I believe that a nude shoot from a young women is more erotic that porno, because you can fantasize and you can make a photo so nice that you are really sexy in it, but I got for example many offers to come to the US and to make a lot of money to do porn but the answer was always no.
I prefer a nice and kind photographer who is so happy with his photos, than a camera men telling me what I need to do.

Andrew: Do you think that the emerging online communication networks out there such as,, and have enabled entrepreneurial minded models such as yourself to effectively market yourself and as a result replace modeling agencies?

Tatiane: In all the time that I was in one model place I got only two serious offers but you need to put your name somewhere to get work. The best was for me the photographers contacts.

Andrew: If I was accompanying you to a photo shoot from Barcelona to Madrid, what albums would I definitely be listening to in the car on the trip there?

Tatiane: You will be bored with me! It will be Celine Dion!

Andrew: My no limit credit card slips out of my pocket and magically appears in your hands as I finish this interview with you; what do you buy before I find out that it’s missing?!!! [I know in real life you would have returned my card!]

Tatiane: Well I would give you the card yes, but if I had a no limit card I will be for one afternoon in Sao Paulo and buying all what my family needs and I will buy me some nice clothes etc., but first for my family that is 100 percent for sure.

Andrew: What is your ideal exotic getaway?

Tatiane: My dream is to go back to Brasil when my son is finished one day with his school so that is still a long time.
I would like to open one day a house for street children and do something with them so that they can survive. Maybe a model agency for street kids because I was one of them and I will never forget this. I get always nervous when I see the poverty in my country.

Andrew: What sort of qualities in a man do you look for and really turn you on?

Tatiane: Honesty, kindness, and always a big smile.

Andrew: What is your favorite food?

Tatiane: Brazilian food

Andrew: Who is your favorite actress and what is your favorite movie?

Tatiane: Dirty dancing and Sean Connery

Andrew: Name one of your addictions? (Something that you cannot do without)

Tatiane: I am smoking and that is not good I know.

Andrew: What is your favorite word to cuss with when your really upset in English, Portuguese or Spanish?

Tatiane: Portuguese

Andrew: What is your favorite part of the human anatomy?

Tatiane: I am from Brasil; what do you think?! The Brasilian women have a reputation to be soft as silk during the day and a thunder when it is about making love!

Andrew: If you were a super heroine what super powers would you want: super speed, super strength, X-ray vision, invisibility or the ability to fly?!

Tatiane: Invisibility

Andrew: What is your favorite column or feature in Pulp Magazine?

Tatiane: Rogue Angels

Andrew: What does sex appeal and beauty mean to you? Is it a state of mind and attitude (mental/intellectual), physical perfection as defined by society, or being born with the right set of physical attributes that get the teenage boys’ hormones into a frenzy?

Tatiane: Well for me it is not important that my husband is not very well looking, but it is more important that he is very intelligent and that he is kind and friendly, and very straightforward and honest.

Andrew: What is beautiful about yourself?

Tatiane: It seems that I am a nice woman. I was thinking that I was like all the girls in my country but I am sure that I am beautiful with my heart.

Andrew: If you had to change one thing about yourself what would it be?

Tatiane: I will be much harder in business.

Andrew: Tell our Pulp readers a bit more about some of your social work aspirations.

Tatiane: My website will be a paid website and all the profits are going to a welfare house in Sao Paulo for the street children.

Andrew: William Faulkner is quoted as saying, “The aim of every artist is to arrest motion, which is life, by artificial means and hold it fixed so that a hundred years later, when a stranger looks at it, it moves again since it is life. Since man is mortal, the only immortality possible for him is to leave something behind him that is immortal since it will always move.†When your profoundly beautiful pictures move again in the mind’s eye of people a hundred years later Tatiane, what do think they will say?

Tatiane: Wow! Who IS this girl????

Andrew: Are there any other exciting projects that you will be working on that you want to tell our readers about and/or anyone that you want to thank?

Tatiane: Like I told you I am working on a project for street children and I would like to thank the photographers that have photographed me so much and did a lot for me. He is the best photographer I know and his name is Jeroen Gordijn from the Netherlands.

Andrew: Thank you Tatiane for doing this interview with Pulp Magazine and I! We wish you all of the best in your future endeavors, look forward to hearing about your success in the media as a model and as a social worker for the betterment of women within our communities, and we would love to have you back anytime!

Tatiane: Thanks very much for this interview Andrew! I was very happy to do this for your beautiful Pulp Magazine. It is great for me to be there and to answer your questions, especially for a non professional model like me.
I wish you all the best with your magazine and please feel free to come back any time you like.
Very truthfully,

Andrew: If you would like to send Tatiane a gift or donation for her Street Children Project in Sao Paulo, then please feel free to contact Tatiane at any time at

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