Tuesday 22 September 2009

doesn't wash ... XVIII

Up, Down.

Bliss, Hmmm ... that's goodI was going on about The Age of Stupid here the other day (not really a blog but kinda ... XVI), and then looking forward to Copenhagen (Sunday Meditation ... who cares? ... XVII), so.

... a-and, in the meantime I went along to a Green Party social, where they seem to think that if they just keep on increasing their share of the vote the sky will eventially open - what can I say? I am tired of all of this.

The Age of Stupid was a bust ... my son and I watched politely to the end, and even after the end as the line of maggotty bureaucrats got up and congratulated themselves over it all ... then we went out for a martini, and I watched Obama at the UN in New York this morning ... not surprisingly without the fire he put into his Health Care speech last week - well, you can't keep it up all the time eh? here he is on YouTube, on Climate Change, and adressing the General Assembly.

William-Adolphe Bouguereau Dawn 1881UN New YorkUN Ban Ki-moonUN Ban Ki-moonUN Rajendra PachauriUN Rajendra PachauriUN Rajendra PachauriUN Rajendra PachauriUN Barack ObamaUN Hu JintaoUN Hu JintaoDawn Saves The AnimalsConnie Hedegaard listening to Obama

GableYes Men We're Screwed"doesn't wash," as a friend of mine used to say about things ... doesn't wash, ok?   and, if I were to say what I am feeling it would be, "isn't going to wash either,"

but obviously I am some kind of freak.

I'm Adrienne Clarkson - I know and you don't!so the k-k-Canadian, the 'Honourable' tar sands shill, Jim Prentice, standing in for the 'Right Honourable' wanker Stephen Harper (who can't even be bothered to show up on the scene), blames China, everybody blames America, I blame k-k-Canada - ass covering at a time like this? they call themselves leaders? Doh! they must be joking, or maybe it musta bin Adrienne Clarkson who told 'em what big strong boys they are?

While the good Klima- og Energiminister of Denmark, Connie Hedegaard ...

Little Miss Muffet
Sits on her tuffet
Eating her curds and ...

All the little piggies go whee whee whee whee
All the way home.

Denmark, as some of us know and remember, was the only European nation to stick up for their Jews against Hitler and the Nazis - and they pulled it off too - those good and clever Danes, saved 'em all - just about every last one! so IF there were any faintest glimmering of hope (Lichtblick), I would put it with this beautiful Danish woman:

Connie HedegaardConnie HedegaardConnie HedegaardConnie HedegaardConnie HedegaardConnie HedegaardConnie Hedegaard, Ban Ki-moon

But it's a mothering great big IF eh? I mean, yeah, I listened to Ban Ki-moon say, and I heard him, “The fate of future generations, and the hopes and livelihoods of billions today, rest, literally, with you,” and I heard Obama say about the same ... but, ho hum ... who could believe them? any of them? and I am someone who truly wants to believe them ... I don't see how they will overcome the Harpers and the Prentices of this world, the maggot psychopaths, not in time ...

Fucking internet is good for nothing! not a naked picture of Connie Hedegaard anywhere to be found - I would have liked to end this with a little tits & ass!

ahhh ... here we go ... Asha & Esha, two lovely & nubile & obviously happy young denizens of the internet, a couple'a beauties to put a smile on your face:
Asha BoobageAsha BoobageAsha BoobageAsha BoobageAsha BoobageAsha Boobage
Esha BoobageEsha BoobageEsha BoobageEsha BoobageEsha BoobageEsha BoobageEsha BoobageEsha BoobageEsha Boobage

Mohamed Nasheed and Laila Ali Abdulla, the President and First Lady of the Republic of Maldives have appeared here before. Nasheed was at the UN this week, his speech had some of the fire that Barack Obama's lacked (for obvious reasons). And here is his pitch for 350.
Saturday October 24, 2009,

www.350.orgHallow-e'en is comin' too :-)That baby would be born by now I bet :-)

Be well.

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