Sunday 24 January 2010

as dumb as we wanna be

or: Spiritual Tar - Strip Mining the Human Soul
Up, Down.

my understanding is that peaking carbon emissions in 2009 would have given us a 50/50 shot at keeping the average global temperature increase to 1.5 degrees C, and that peaking by 2015 would give the same chance of keeping it to 2 degrees.

what do you think of that? please tell me.

Rudyard Kipling Just So Storiesa dream of broken glasses & lost lenses, of being unable to exchange currency, of trying to buy cigarettes with no proper money, of a skinny girl I knew in highschool, anonymous flowers & mistaken motives, of meeting my old boss somewhere & he brings along his own curtain rod, a dream of pledging my heart, of tight shoes that somehow terrify me into wakefulness

Haiti Michaelle JeanHaiti Michaelle JeanHaiti Michaelle JeanHaiti Michaelle JeanHaiti Michaelle Jean

"as dumb as we wanna be" is from a book by Thomas Friedman, Hot, Flat, and Crowded, where he pretty well proves exactly that, Spiritual Tar - Strip Mining the Human Soul is a book I would write except that it is a sort-of oxymoron :-)

Michael Deibert - Notes from the Last Testament: The Struggle for Haiti, from Seven Stories Press, not properly proof-read, not very well thought out or put together - you would have to call it 'cobbled,' or sketchy, or, hey! I know! We'll call it 'Notes ...' whatever - nonetheless worth 'noting' :-)

Stephen Harper EffigyPearls Before Swine Spiritual DonkeyWe Can't Prorogue Climate Change

Malvados Papa Não Sabe
Comics from the 10's
I'm going to bed soon Dad, I'm just finishing up buying a yacht ...
It's good to see you and Vivi working together, but how did you get so much money?
Hello there friends of Daddy-Doesn't-Know dot com!

The cat's in the well and grief is showing its face.
     Bob Dylan - Cat's In The Well.

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