Monday 18 January 2010

2 x 2

Up, Down.

One by one, they followed the sun.
One by one, until there where none.
Two by two, to their lovers they flew.
Two by two, into the foggy dew.
Three by three, they danced on the sea.
Four by four, they danced on the shore.
Five by five, they tried to survive.
Six by six, they were playin' with tricks.

How many paths did they try and fail?
How many of their brothers and sisters lingered in jail?
How much poison did their inhale?
How many black cats crossed their trail?

Seven by seven, they headed for heaven.
Eight by eight, they got to the gate.
Nine by nine, they drank the wine,
Ten by ten, they drank it again.

How many tomorrows have they given away?
How many compared to yesterday?
How many more without any reward?
How many more can they afford?

Two by two, they step into the ark.
Two by two, they step in the dark.
Three by three, they're turning the key,
Four by four, they turn it some more.

One by one, they followed the sun,
Two by two, to another rendezvous.
Three by three, don't tread on me.
Four by four, they're losing the war.
Five by five, can't stay alive ...

Bob Dylan, 1990.

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