Thursday, 21 May 2009

shit-house rat

as in, 'crazy as a -'
aka, racist sexist whoremonger & shit-head

Up, Down.

if there were any point to this it would be obvious, au contraire, it is obvious that there is no poimt & no purpose, no use or ornament.

Yoni Yumsomewhere, recently, i was wondering why shit-house rats are crazy? maybe it is envy of granary rats? maybe a diet of shit overcomes their immune systems in subtle ways? like syphilis sufferers go crazy from brain tissue dissolving or Aids sufferers go crazy from internal warts, but these are germs we have never heard of, and there is another range of possibilities here, another 'axis' from anger through ignorance, as well as the regular-old physiology already mentioned, a-and somewhere else recently i was also wondering about whoremongers?

of course no one reads this shit, so no one ever wonders along with me, this is a very lonely situation, and (to make a long story shorter :-) it can leave you feeling as crazy as a (proverbial) shit-house rat

'racist' because my psychology is now soooo fucked up that when i see a brown woman, even a head of curly hair and a tan, my interest circuits kick in, pure accident that my wives were white, accident of birth and so forth

did i say, avocado, mango, maracujá (?)

Spiral Jetty, Robert SmithsonSpiral Jetty, Robert SmithsonSpiral Jetty, Robert SmithsonSpiral Jetty, Robert SmithsonSpiral Jetty, Robert SmithsonSpiral Jetty, Robert Smithson
Robert Smithson, Spiral Jetty.

'sexist' because (and it has been this way for a long time) ... simply consider the word 'woman' in the previous phrase, i am only interested, visually at least, in women, they don't have to be young but they do have to look as if they may still have a bit of juice somewhere, or 'clutch' as John Steinbeck called it (was it Steinbeck?) ... ahh the wonders of Google ... the quote is from East of Eden apparently, “Strawberries don’t taste like they used to, and the thighs of women have lost their clutch,” more of a complaint about ageing really, isn't it? my own, thighs that is, have just about definitely lost what clutch they may have had, enough to father children, there are compensations, some of them seem to like tongue ... but what does anyone know about anything? except what they guess at or complacently assume?

grief with the Globe today, arrogant IT wonks, new grief with Adobe 'improvements' today, new grief with copyright today, grief, grief, grief, .... trouble trouble trouble ... quacks!

Winston Watsonand some good stuff: Bob Dylan, Dignity, & Bob Dylan, Dignity, and then Charles Taylor lecture on FORA TV May 4 2007 (this can be downloaded), source for Yoni Yum image more later maybe

some years ago I had a vision of a piece of music played on a pipe organ and half a dozen saxophones ... at the time I put it to the organist at my church, nevermind who but a well known organist, basically wondering how much it would cost to commission such a piece of music ... and the wanker thought I was a nut-bar and never answered me (doh!) and all these so many years later it turns out I was not crazy after all, there have been a number of quite reputable musicians who have combined brass and pipe organ ... and one of them is this guy, Thomas DiVito, obvious if you think about it, there is a trumpet 'stop' on a pipe organ, qed.

nothing showing here but deficit, short-fall, lack ... "the excess of expenditure or liabilities over income or assets," as a state, and the process, the trajectories, parabolic and otherwise, the rules of plumbing, shit flows down-hill.

did i say i went out at the end of a lonely disheartening day and bought a pack of smokes?


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