Wednesday 26 June 2013

Stop Enbridge's Line 9 in the Beverly Swamp / Flamborough (!)

SWAMP LINE NINE ! DRAW THE LINE !                                      Up, Down. 

As of 9 AM today (Wednesday 26th) the Hamilton Police (bought and paid for by Enbridge) arrested the occupiers - details on the occupiers' Tumblr blog (which is the best place for news of these events).

This fat old fart is proud of the group that occupied the pumping station and salutes them and applauds them - unfortunately that's about all he can do, for today anyways ...

This statement by David Prychitka in the Hamilton Spectator sums it up nicely: "We must act on Enbridge. ... The decision to act should be obvious."
(Quoted from the participant's website):

The Location: Westover Road & Concession Road 6 West near Hamilton - map. Enbridge calls it the 'North Westover pumping station'; in the former town of Flamborough aka Flamboro; near Hamilton, Ontario.

Google Maps are easy to mistake: The map above looked to me to show Highway 5 coming off 403, but the next magnification makes it clear that it is Highway 6. And you can get to the corner of Westover Road & Concession Road 6 West (which is where the arrow points) and still not know where the pumping station is. (It is just a tch west from the intersection on the north side of the road.)


The Participants: They keep a website and a news site. A loose coalition by the looks of it - possibly taking to heart the recent Brazilian chant: 'O povo, unido, não precisa de partido!' / The people, united, do not need a party!


Videos: Overview & background from Rachel Deutsch; June 6 - 1 (police protest); June 20 - 1 (locking it up), 2 (with Elysia Petrone), 3 (the site), 4 (with Danielle Boissoneau), 5 (overview); June 22 - 1 (with David Prychitka).


News Reports:
 May 06: Enbridge pipeline protesters close Ontario highway,
       : Blockade of Ontario Highway in Protest of Line 9 Tar Sands;
June 05: Group protests Enbridge donations to Hamilton police;
June 20: I got the news of the Westover occupation from Rising Tide,
       : Protesters halt Enbridge project in Flamborough,
       : Protesters lock gates at Enbridge pumping station,
       : Anti-Enbridge occupation just the start says Tuscarora woman,
       : Enbridge protesters in 'for the long haul' at Hamilton site;
June 21: Enbridge pumping station remains locked down,
       : Protesters still holding Hamilton Enbridge pumping station,
       : Flamborough Enbridge pumping station remains locked down,
       : Enbridge protest continues,
       : Enbridge officials dispute environmentalists’ charges,
       : Natural Resources Minister watching Enbridge protest,
       : Enbridge Line 9 station near Hamilton shutdown by protesters;
June 22: Protesters must still respect the rule of law;
June 23: Quiet occupation of Enbridge site carries on;
June 24: ... still there :-)

         ... to be continued ...

Google News Search for 'Flamborough Enbridge' by date and by relevance (why should these give different results?).

Enbridge ran this pipeline east-to-west as part of the fuck-over of Aamjiwnaang; now they want to reverse it and participate for profit in the fuck-over of the climate and ecology of the whole country, continent ... planet. 'Sociopathic' doesn't even begin to cover it.

May 6 - blockade of Highway 6:
Highway 6 blockade, May 6.Highway 6 blockade, May 6.Highway 6 blockade, May 6.Highway 6 blockade, May 6.Highway 6 blockade, May 6.
June 5 - protest Enbridge police buyoff:
Hamilton police buyoff protest, June 5.Hamilton police buyoff protest, June 5.Hamilton police buyoff protest, June 5.Hamilton police buyoff protest, June 5.Hamilton police buyoff protest, June 5.
June 20 Flamborough occupation:
Flamborough: Don't fall for Enbridge's lines.Flamborough: Tell future generations it was good for the economy.Flamborough: Stop Line 9.Flamborough: Water is life.
Flamborough: Hamilton Police.Flamborough: meeting.Flamborough: Stop Line 9.Flamborough: gathering.
Articulate, imaginative, courageous, committed, and RIGHT ON!    Good on you!
Be well. 

Noon on Tuesday June 25 in Toronto
Swamp the Courthouse!
In solidarity with Swamp Line 9!
Where: Ontario Courts, 361 University Ave, Toronto (map).
Other solidarity events are being organized in other cities.

Moe & David in Flamborough.I will tidy this up later sometime and add some photos of the Toronto Solidarity demonstration ... for now I have just about enough jam left to show that we made it down there.

I meant to give the Tim DeChristopher salute for that picture and then forgot, oh well. I think we helped them along a bit, hope so, they certainly deserve it. Heroes!

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lynn said...

Well you both made it. Good photo of two of the protesters. Thanks for keeping me updated with where you are putting your energy. I applaud your focus and am glad that Morley was able to join you on the line. I'm sure it is an education for him. Thanks my dear for keeping me in the loop.