Thursday 3 January 2013


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Raymond Robinson of Cross Lake.Raymond Robinson of Cross Lake.Raymond Robinson of Cross Lake.Raymond Robinson of Cross Lake.
Raymond Robinson of Cross Lake Manitoba has joined Theresa Spence on Victoria Island in Ottawa. He began his hunger strike on December 12. Heroes!

The blockade of CN in Sarnia has been stopped by Superior Court Justice John Desotti. Ron Plain (another hero) has apparently declared this a 'huge victory', which it is not; but it is a lesson, viz. flash actions may be more effective.

Au lieu d'un chateau fort dressé au milieu des terres, il faudrait penser a l'armée des étoiles jetées dans le ciel. (possibly Jacques or Raïssa Maritain or Jean-Luc Barré, in the late 60's or so)

My own journey is now through Thomas Pynchon (it's the arthritis); though I would prefer to be walking with the KI or working with the Unist'ot'en in Wet'suwet'en beside Brett and Julien. 
Querido Galdo.
THE FISCAL CLIFF IS FICTION ... (and the 'Debt Ceiling' as well)


Tom Toles.Tom Toles has a similar notion.

And a touching vignette from tOad below. His (her?) caption is "Les conséquences de nos chers nombreux conforts manquent cruellement d’un certain réconfort."

tOad.Which she (he?) translates, "We nestle in the comforts of progress though distressed by costs in process," trying to rhyme 'progress' & 'process'. But réconfort has a sense of giving courage, strengthening ...
   [I'm working on it :-) ]
The real Odyssey (for me) these days is trying to see more clearly what is necessary (as posed a few weeks ago) and somehow stay with the Lucky '13 energy.    :-) 
Danny Metatawabin, Theresa Spence, Raymond Robinson, & Jean Sock.Good. Baby steps at least:    Stephen Harper has called for a more-or-less timely meeting on January 11. His motivations undoubtedly included pricking the Idle No More balloon before it could overwhelm him, and a nice estimation of Shawn Atleo's (and most of the rest of official native leadership's) current insecurity and likely increased tractability because of it ...

... but still.

The photograph at the right bears looking at closely; it is worth studying carefully, there's a lot in it - here it is again, larger, in colour - well more than three humble heroes (whom I applaud and support with all my heart).

A few pundits to remember (for good and bad reasons): Christie Blatchford, Jeffrey Simpson, Chantal Hébert, Jason Fekete & Tobi Cohen, and, L. Ian MacDonald.

I wish I could say that I had not heard certain things in the statements of Theresa Spence and Raymond Robinson - if they had not said them I might have been able to pretend they are not true; and anyway they were in extremis at the time if not articulo mortis. But there it is: baby steps on all sides.

Shawn Atleo.Shawn Atleo.Shawn Atleo.Shawn Atleo w Michael Ignatieff.Shawn Atleo w John Ralston Saul.Shawn Atleo w John Duncan & Stephen Harper.Shawn Atleo w David Johnston, John Duncan & Stephen Harper.

In the words of Dennis Meadows: "I think we need something totally different,"
(just after minute 28 of this video and out of context I know). 

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