Sunday 5 August 2012

Tensegrity [ii].

Up, Down. 
Ha-ha-ha ... the joke's on me (again). Who knew the knuckleheads had gone so far astray? How far in can Hansel & Gretel go before they are coming out again?

It's the Alzheimer's :-)    I forgot Kenneth Snelson's name and so searched for 'Tensegrity' to find it, and among the usual Bucky bollocks some new nonsense: 'Carlos Castaneda' with a 'Tensegrity®' (and all of this before Snelson). So I tried Google just to see and got 'God's geometry' as a bonus. Made me laugh. All good.
Kenneth Snelson, Free Ride Home, 1974.Kenneth Snelson.Kenneth Snelson.Kenneth Snelson.
There is a dot net which doesn't seem to work except for this part.

Figgured out this morning that Berkeley, Oakland, and San Francisco are in the same zone. And where San Luis Obispo is relative to that - a place I have actually visited. Those dumb-ass k-k-Canadians eh? Don't know sheeit about any geography beyond their parish.    Be well gentle reader.

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