Sunday 1 July 2012

Canada Day.

Up, Down. 
Aislin Canada Day.Terry Mosher's Aislin (in the Montreal Gazette) is often, mostly, quite conventional. He gets the 'close but no cigar' maybe once a month or two. But this one deserves high praise: simple, topical yet eloquently layered, polysemous - even the colouring contributes.

Jenkins' Canada Day.Jenkins' mewling & maudlin nonsense is presented for a quick 'compare & contrast' exercise if you like.

There is some (qualified) good news here and here (no mistake I don't think, that both are provinces - the word 'parochial' will lose its pejorative edge if this keeps up), and some bad news, and some worse (video here, ~1 hour).

Toxic Canada.A dear friend who has been sinking into senility took up chelation therapy (administered by a homeopath yet!) and is obviously benefiting.

I cannot resist such evidence, and now wonder if we can possibly arrange a national, super-size, dose?

Be well.
     [Bah. Humbug!]    {<150} 

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